a stone structure on a hill by the ocean
Platamonas Castle
a stone castle on a hill

The Castle

n this castle we find the 3 main features of the medieval fortresses: the first enclosure, the second enclosure which is both the citadel and the central tower. The spacious outer wall of the castle is polygonal in shape, reinforced by towers placed at irregular intervals and kept in good condition. Its entrance is located on the southeast side, while on the same side there is a ruined wall or barbikan. The height of the walls reaches right from the entrance 9.5m. and on the left the 7.5m., while the thickness ranges between 1.2 and 2m. Between the two gates of the main entrance there was an additional tower, now destroyed. The 2nd precinct is 6-7m high. and in its northeast corner there is an unusual tower with a square outer perimeter and a circular interior. This tower has a Byzantine type tiled roof.

a stone castle on a hill

On the northeast side rises the majestic central tower of the defensive complex with an octagonal shape, 16m high. and 2m thick, the entrance of which was, for security reasons, at a height of 3.45m. from the ground surface, with access from a wooden staircase. It has semicircular windows, in one of which there are two openings with a central colonnade decorated with a cross, which probably indicates a date in the period when the castle was repaired by the Byzantine Despotate of Epirus.

In the area of the castle is preserved the church of Agia Paraskevi (the only one of the 5 that existed there before) which during the Turkish occupation had been turned into a mosque.